CHRIMA is a non-governmental Christian professional organization that seeks to provide voluntary consultancy services on general Christian Ministry practice, for the benefit of all Christian Churches, para-church organizations and individual practitioners of Christian Ministry such as, Church leaders, pastors, evangelists, Church Planters, etc.

It operates as a resource centre for equipping and empowering such practitioners for fruitful and successful ministry work.

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REV. Dr. Kojo Osei-Wusuh

CHRIMA is a dependable service centre for your general Ministry needs, manned by a team of  experienced Christian Professional Ministry practitioners of many years standing.

CHRIMA offers knowledge, Direction and Inspiration for general Christian.

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+ To inspire and motivate new Christian Ministry start-ups by encouraging people to affirm their call into ministry and supplying them with the technical knowledge for take off.

+ Expose ministry practitioners to factors that help good preparation for a new ministry to create and sustain momentum for growth.

+ To help ministry practitioners to acquire the necessary skills for effective Christian leadership to enable them lead their organizations successfully.

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To motivate, promote and strengthen all manner of Christian Ministry practice by supplying them with all the necessary resources (human, material, technical) through a variety of media including, counseling, seminars and workshops.